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MDC Wholesale Cigars is a national wholesale cigar distributor with large clients specializing in casinos, hospitality and resorts - and small businesses as well. 

In addition to being a turn-key cigar solution, we also offer on-site consulting for our national clients bringing sales optimization, staff training on cigar knowledge and custom menu creation. Our methods are proven to increase sales, margins and customer satisfaction while providing the highest quality hand made cigars.

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How to pick cigars for your store

Obviously your demographic is the most important element in determining what cigars you will bring into your location. But with that being said, a good array of various price points is the key to increasing sales. No matter how wealthy you think your clientele is, you will always have someone walk in who is just trying cigars out for the first time and won't want to drop $20 a stick. And even if you think your area is lower income, cigars are an affordable luxury and people like to treat themselves on occasion. So make sure you have some high end treats for them!

Packaging works!

Whenever you have a choice, find a cigar that comes in a fancy tube of some sort (glass or metal). These will always outsell cigars that are just in cellophane. Plus they make great gifts too so stock up heavy on tubed cigars around the holidays. But our suggestion would be to just have as many tubed cigars as you can find because they simply always sell better. 

Brand names exist for a reason!

Indeed they do. Even if you want more affordable cigars for your location let us help you find the ones that at least have good brand recognition. We all know big names like Montecristo, Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta, Macanudo, and Partagas so make sure your customers are drawn in quickly by the names they recognize. Now, if you stock a decent amount of cigars (like over 20 boxes) then we would definitely encourage you to spread out to more boutique brands and we are always happy to help you make those selections based on what's hot now.


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