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MDC Wholesale Cigars is a national wholesale cigar distributor with large clients specializing in casinos, hospitality and resorts - and small businesses as well. 

In addition to being a turn-key cigar solution, we also offer on-site consulting for our national clients bringing sales optimization, staff training on cigar knowledge and custom menu creation. Our methods are proven to increase sales, margins and customer satisfaction while providing the highest quality hand made cigars.

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The Top 10 Ultra Premium Cigars Every Store Needs

There are some ultra premium cigars that you should carry if you plan on carrying any higher end cigars. These cigars are rare, they are pricier, they are delicious and they will be tough to find at your competitor's store. 

Some of the cigars we are referring to are:

Padron Aniversario 1964 
Padron Aniversario 1926
Ashton VSG
Ashton ESG
Montecristo #2

Fuente Don Carlos
Diamond Crown
Diamond Crown Maximus
Cohiba Robusto

Gurkha Grand Reserve (infused in Louis XIII)

By carrying certain ultra premium cigars you accomplish several great things. 

  1. You differentiate yourself from your competitors that all carry a lot of the same inventory.
  2. You give your customers access to extremely rare cigars that are otherwise nearly impossible to buy wholesale. We are one of the only wholesalers in the country with access to these brands.
  3. You will draw a niche clientelle of affluent customers that will quickly become loyal to your business. 
  4. They will tell their friends where they just found these hard to find gems.

If you think that your customers aren't affluent enough to purchase ultra-premium cigars you would be wrong. You are wrong because cigars are an affordable luxury. Even when times are tough, people can afford to spend $20 to spoil themselves. Even if you don't make a lot of money, $20 is not too much to live the good life. So you will be amazed at how many people will be drawn to these high end brands and come back over and over again to spend the money. 

Further, you have to consider the power of perceived value. This is the idea that higher priced items must be better since their are priced according to their quality. So often you will find customers choosing the most expensive cigar solely because of the price tag. All of the cigars above are over $20 and that price tag will cause your customer to subconsciously think that that particular cigar must really be exceptional!

For example, some of the Padron 1926 Family Reserve cigars can retail for over $50 a cigar. You will be shocked how many people will want to try one just to say they've had a $50 cigar. You'll be even more amazed when they come back to buy 2 more!

Give some of these cigars a try, even if it's just one or two and you'll be amazed at how many you sell! 

You will find most of these on page 7 of our catalog on the page titled "Luxury Brand Cigars".


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